Luck and Alcohol: How to Get Free Drinks in Vegas Casinos

In the old times, people love going to casinos because of free drinks. Once you enter the halls, pretty waitresses will offer a glass of champagne before the game starts. Today, some clubs still offer drinks for free, but you have to meet some conditions. That includes sex, tips, and high roller games. Who does not want free drinks, right? So, hop in and read this article to find some casino hacks.

#1. If You Are A Woman, You Will Most Likely Receive Free Drinks

What a sexist advantage, but the females will love this. You can use your pretty face to have some wine without paying anything. All you need is to talk to some players and make them feel your support. It is either the man or the casino will offer you a drink.

Casinos do not waste an opportunity if they think that the player sees you as a lucky charm. To make you stay beside him, they will keep on sending you free drinks until the game is over. They do not want to lose the player, so they do not want to miss the woman behind it.

#2. Give Good Tips to the Waitress and They Will Hand You Free Drinks

A woman is key to get free drinks. Alcohol in Vegas casinos are quite expensive, and you will get them for free if you give at least a dollar to the waitress. They will come near you from time to time if they know that you are willing to shell out some money.

We are not saying that you do not need to buy drinks or play in the casino. Of course, you need to be on the table to receive your complimentary drink. If you want more, that is when you need to start tipping them.

#3. The Casino Will Treat You Like A VIP If You Are A High Roller Bettor

As a business entity, casinos love the player who bet more money. If you are into the highest deal of jackpot, the management will tip their employees to treat you nicely. You will have free access to their amenities, and they will even give you a free bed and breakfast accommodation.

If they can give you these, why would they miss giving you some scotch and vodka? They want to keep you as their player, so they will make sure that you feel comfortable and quite relaxed.


These are only a few scenarios and tips where casino players will get free drinks. Why is it essential that you try their drinks for free? Because they are quite expensive. Spending a hundred dollars for one glass may not be acceptable to some, so they give tips to waitresses instead. That is how you make your way in the casino.

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