Online Gambling: Top Five Popular Regulators in the World

If you are only a newcomer in online casinos, you may have searched articles about ensuring security. They will tell you the same thing. You have to make sure that an external body approved its license to operate.

In the digital world, people would opt for a site that is fair and secure. Online casinos will not last long if they cannot build trust with their clients. To win their hearts, they must prove that they have a license from public bodies, such as those we will highlight below.

#1. Nevada Gaming Control Board

Las Vegas is one of the cities with the most casino buildings in the world. In 1955, the local state government created the Nevada Gaming Control Board to oversee all gambling activities. Today, its power expanded online by regulating slots and poker originating and operating in Nevada.

#2. UK Gambling Commission

This body is quite popular. Since most online casinos come from Europe, particularly in the UK, they seek their license from the UK Gambling Commission. When you look up famous sites like NetBet and 888Poker, you will see this body's name on its descriptions. It handles all online games in the UK except for sports betting since a separate body regulates it.

#3. Malta Gaming Association

It is also popular alongside the UKGC. Many companies seek their license here because Malta has friendlier tax schemes than other bodies. In contrast, it faced many issues when it was still the Lotteries and Gambling Authority. After some changes in 2015, it now follows stricter rules in licensing gaming companies.

#4. Antigua Division of Gaming

This one is another body that has lesser restrictions on operators. It became popular in 2007 after winning a lawsuit against the USA. The World Trade Organization favored this division after proving that the superpower violated the General Agreement on Trade Services. It is the most significant division that accepts and approves companies that want to expand in the Caribbean.

#5. First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Corporation

If you want to expand in Asia, the Philippines is your place to be. It is home to two bodies that provide licenses to operators. You can transact with FCLRC if your market is e-gaming while you need to connect with PAGCOR for land-based casinos. To date, these bodies have approved hundreds of casinos that are open to Filipinos and other Asian nationalities.


If you are a casino owner who wants to join the league of casinos online, make sure that you gain the trust of your players. You can do it by securing a license from the bodies mentioned above. If you are a beginner, look up their names on the casino website before signing up.

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