Lucky firecracker

Lucky Firecracker is a game which was created by the late Chinese American casino game designer Louis Chan. It is a simple game of chance in which the gamer chooses one of three cards from a pair of cards. In Chinese and English, the name of the game simply as “FX.” In either language, however, the name is always “Lucky Firecracker.” Each card in the pair has a numbered value ranging from one to nine, where one through three are predetermined by the dice roll.

Lucky Firecracker operates on a traditional five-reel casino table and is divided into two separate but interconnected playing fields. The first area is designated as the “table” and consists of twelve evenly spaced out numbered compartments on the same fifty-two card deck. The second area is known as the “hand” or “service” area. In this area, the names of the cards are laid out in what is known as the “service” sequence, from ace to king.

The mechanics of play follow a simple pattern. The gamer starts in the service field and proceeds to lay down one of three card selections in front of them. Players may select from any of the possible combinations that are printed on their lanterns, from a basic pair (aces and kings), to a more complex set (kings and queens). Layouts for the hand consists of four rows of three lanterns each. Players alternate turns by selecting either a group of one, two or three lanterns. At the end of the turn, all remaining lanterns are flipped over and new ones are randomly selected.