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The term’matsuri’, pronounced ‘tatematsuru’, means “presentation” or “respect”. The term is used to describe all kinds of rituals and ceremonies performed to honor humanized divinities. In Japanese mythology, many of these deities were humanized and had human portraits and human minds. This extended the concept of matsuri to include many religious events, commercial celebrations, and other non-traditional festivals.

Although matsuris were originally religious in nature, they are now mainly celebrated for the sake of food and entertainment. In summer, cherry blossoms bloom in many areas of the country, and many matsuri include fireworks. Sumidagawa’s hanabi taikai, one of the most famous matsuri in Tokyo, is held on the same day as the cherry blossom season. Another popular matsuri is the Sapporo Yuki Matsuri, which lasts for eight days. Thousands of people flock to Sapporo to view the ice and snow sculptures.

The Japanese have a tradition of observing matsuri as part of their daily life. Often, parishioners of shrines participate in the festival’s rites and festivities, which include wearing elaborate costumes and heavy makeup, and acting as chigo and miko. The purpose of matsuri is to unite the local population and create a special place for the community to enjoy. In addition to the rites and festivals, people also wear beautiful clothing, and participate in rituals.