Super showball

Designing with Latin American flare, the new studio s original name, Super Showball is a 90-minute interactive bingo video game inspired by both the classic Showball game and the more modern version called Microgaming. Deliver high-powered medium-to-High volatility action on a large, portable screen, featuring colorful textured backgrounds, icon locations, and a number of game functions, including player stats, leaderboards, high score lists, and online chat. In addition, the game comes with traditional bingo cloths, which can be used as “trophies” after each game session. Other features include an audio score overlay, a “bean tap” option that play randomly selected music when the user enters numbers on the game pad, and a customizable interface that allow users to change display colors and backgrounds. The full version also comes with an animated advisor that shows user statistics throughout the game.

Microgaming, which is the name of the original online slot machine service, offers four variations of the popular Super Showball game, which are Super Showball Deluxe, Super Showball Mega Millions, Showcase Poker, and Party Pack. Each version features unique graphics, sound, and bonus opportunities, and is designed for optimal Internet play. The Deluxe version of the game includes two pre-made Showball stacks that can be traded between players in real time. The Mega Millions version features an upgrade over the standard game that adds an instant second game that can be played at the same location in case there are no available slots players in the main game. All versions of the game offer a guaranteed payout and are available in English, French, German, and Spanish.

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