Unusual Facts: Four Weird Laws on Gambling that Exists

Gambling is a popular way to have fun with your friends and family. You can hop on your car or a cab and go straight to casino halls. Enjoy the rest of the night playing, drinking, eating, and dancing. If you are lucky, you can meet the love of your life there, as long as both did not yet tie the knot.

However, some unusual laws regulate gambling. Some may sound funny, but they are real-life laws that you must follow seriously. Here are some bizarre legal facts about gambling around the world.

#1. It is Illegal for Women to Gamble Naked in Schulter, Oklahoma

Do you wonder about the story behind this law? It is quite unusual for a state to recognize this act as illegal, but Oklahoma made this one into law. It specifically states that women are not allowed to strip in casinos or gamble with a bath towel or lingerie. While it is not every day that women do it, still Oklahoma legislators took some steps to prohibit such acts.

#2. You could Sue Your Opponent If You Lost in a Gambling Match

Yes, you read it right! Kentucky gives you the right to go after your opponent if you lost a match. The reason behind this law is that if you have some severe basis, he/she cheated on you and took advantage of you. You can do it thrice, or another person can do it for you if you do not take action after six months.

#3. Gambling is Legal in Macau, but Not in Mainland China and Hong Kong

It is not a specific law, but our team still find this bizarre. Hong Kong and Macau are administrative regions of China. These two countries are popular tourist spots in the world. Macau, especially, is the capital of gambling. While local Chinese cannot own or play gambling in their countries, they can play in foreign lands. The state regulates and allows lottery.

#4. You Can Use Bingos for a Cause in North Carolina

It is quite ironic when you mix charity and gambling, but North Carolina allows it. Bingo is a favorite game in any local community. It is fun, and it relaxes your nerves. Mothers and aged love this activity the most. You must follow some of its conditions as you cannot have the same event twice a week, and it should not last for more than five hours.


There must be some explanation of why these states crafted such laws. Whether some women stripped naked in a bar or bingo is an important event, it has some contribution to the morale of the community. They may be funny for some, but people must follow these laws.

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